Hayes 300 Baud Smartmodem

In about 1980 I bought my first computer, a Commodore-VIC-20,  Jam packed with 3K of memory.

My First Floppy Drive Was A: Percom AT88-S1PD it would save an amazing 88K to the 5 1\4 floppy drive.

In 1983 I setup an Atari BBS System Called "Center City BBS" ), using a Atari 800 computer, Interface 850, 4ea-1050 floppy drives and a Hayes 300 Baud Smartmodem. You may see my system name on some old BBS listings, And due to me being in the army at the time I set the BBS up in many different locations.

The Atari Message Information System (AMIS) was one of the first BBS (Bulletin Board System) software packages available for the Atari 8-bit family of computers.

The original AMIS BBS software was written in Atari BASIC by Tom Giese member of the MACE (Michigan Atari Computer Enthusiasts). The program included instructions for building a "ring detector" circuit for the board maintainer's modem (Atari 1030 modem) to enable it to answer incoming calls – modems at the time were most often capable of making outgoing calls, but not receiving incoming ones. The one exception being the Atari XM301 modem which had a ring detector built-in. I used a Hayes 300 Baud Smartmodem.


Later I Upgraded to Sparta DOS X, A  Clone of Microsoft DOS 3.2, US Robotics 56K modem, Atari 1200XL Computer, And A 130XE Computer, ICD-1 Meg Multi IO. It Is Also where my handle comes from.

The Last BBS program I used with the Atari 8-Bit computer was Express BBS

I migrated to the Atari 16bit Computers and had Two Atari 520ST 512K Computers, that I modified with 4 Megs Ram.

Conversion from Atari Computers to IBM Based, happened in about 1993.

I used  a OctopusCable So I could have up to 8 Modems Hooked Up To One Computer.

I ran a 5 Line BBS Using RoboBOARD/FX BBS Software, © Copyright Hamilton TeleGraphics Inc., 1993, and the last BBS program was Excalibur BBS, when I took the BBS down in 1996. I was able to use my server to connect users to My internet connection thru CompuServe. you have to understand that the internet was just being setup and used with command line instructions. before this every thing on the internet was straight text. browsers came and went. the best Browser at the time was Netscape.